International University & Theological Seminary

International University and Theological Seminary seeks to produce men and women graduates who are:

  1. Earnest Christians who are personally equipped with the substance of Christ for service to the Christian community and society at large.
  2. Knowledgeable in the Word of God and in Biblical studies.
  3. Competent in their field of study.
  4. Committed to the development of their spiritual gifts through their lifelong ministry.
  5. Academically credible and proficient regarding Christian theology.
  6. Reasoned apologists for the Gospel to the non-Christian community.

International University and Theological Seminary seeks to produce undergraduates who are:

  1. Broadly educated for service in all Christian working fields including Sunday School teachers, members of church staff, and in leadership
  2. Competent in their major field of training
  3. Able to make distinctive contributions to humanity through their vocation, church and
    personal witness.

International University and Theological Seminary seeks to produce graduate degree students who are:

  1. Sufficiently mature in their intellectual and experiential understandings of Christ’s character and image to impact the spiritual, psychological, and cultural dimensions of a contemporary world.
  2. Highly competent in their ability to study and present the Word of God.

To meet these goals, International University and theological Seminary will offer the following course programs:

  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Master of Divinity

International University and Theological Seminary is also unique in that it seeks to allow a broad range of theological spectrums within an evangelical tradition. Students are free to choose electives that are in keeping with their personal viewpoint and expression.